Potential Required Action

In order to implement and add the new pascom 19 functionality and feature upgrades, we have made a number of core changes to the underlying technology. Naturally, we have tried to keep the impact of these modifications in terms of management workflows to a minimum. However, there are a limited number of Breaking Changes that you need to know about in order to gain the maximum benefit from your new pascom 19 phone system. For example, the Snom BLF key syntax has changed.

For further information, please refer to our release notes where we have highlighted all the important information for you.


pascom Video Conferencing desktop

Promote Meeting Effectiveness with Video Conferencing

55 % of communication is visual so add the personal, visual element to your face-to-face video meetings. With pascom’s native video conferencing suite, starting an team video conference from your desktop, mobile device or in a huddle room is as simple as clicking a button and there’s no need for any additional software and avoids any browser compatibility issues.

  • Available to all users
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android & iOS
  • Available 1:1 and conferences
pascom Video Conferencing desktop

Enhance Customer Service with Online Web Conferencing

Online meetings, remote presentations and support, the pascom Web Client allows pascom users to invite customers, business partners and stakeholders to join and participate in online web meetings direct in their browser, without requiring any additional software or hardware. Compatible with all leading web browsers, the pascom Web Client is an excellent customer service and engagement tool and ensures that pascom customers are able to benefit from a secure, flexible and easy-to-use video conferencing solution.

  • Easily setup remote business meetings
  • Video and screensharing for enhanced presentations and technical support
  • In-built Instant Messaging chat tools ideal for Q&A sessions
  • Web browser and dial in audio support
pascom desktop screen sharing

Deliver Amazing Presentations with Screen Sharing

A picture says a thousand words and with pascom 19, adding yet more visual aids to your team collaboration and meetings is just a click away. The new screen sharing functionality is available on all devices and platforms to ensure that even remote workers are able to view shared presentations and share their own screens.

  • Boost and enhance online meeting productivity
  • Promote team and remote worker collaboration
  • Deliver in-depth presentations
pascom UC Teams

Boost Team Collaboration with Team Messaging

Further enhance team collaboration with team messaging / team chat. Building on our “on the fly” group chat, with pascom 19 it is now possible to add “always-on” team messaging channels. Break down information silos by grouping users into departments, teams or projects and enable them to brainstorm ideas, share files and dynamically start audio / video conferences and desktop sharing sessions.

  • Promote team working and idea sharing
  • Create permanent channels & on the spot groups
  • Invite users to multiple groups according to your needs

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