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pascom Introduce the 4 Day Week

pascom Introduce the 4 Day Week

pascom Introduce the 4 Day Week

pascom Give Employees More Benefits with the 4-Day Working Week

Since September 1st 2023, pascom employees have been enjoying an additional day off thanks to the company’s introduction of 4-day working week.

Based on the 100:80:100 model, the pascom 4 day working week is designed to ensure that pascom employees are not burdened financially or by workloads by decreasing wages or by “compressing” the working week into 4 days. Instead, the company’ motto is 4/32/100 which means 4 days, 32 hours and 100% pay.

4 Day Working Week Company Objectives

As with most employement strategies, the overall objective is to increase productivity and efficiency. Therefore, it is not surprising that by adding the 4-day week to pascom’S already attractive employee package, the company is looking maintain and strenghten its competiveness within the employement market in order to attract the top talent both locally as well as across the DACH Telecommunications industry.

Furthermore, the company recognises that society has changed significantly since the conception of the 5 day work week. The concept of the 9 to 5 workday has been errored as the lines between work and life have blurred significantly. It is not longer the norm that one partner stays at home and manages the household. These changes in technology, the modern workplace and society have placed considerable stresses and burden on the workforce.

Therefore, by giving employees an additional free day per week, the company aims to considerably improve and enrich the work-life balance for all it’s employees. For example, thanks to the four day week pascom employees have more time and flexibility to pursue personal goals outside of the workplace whether they be for family time, hobbies, part-time jobs or simply just more downtime to relax, recuperate and recharge, so that they come to work engaged, motivated and full of energy.

Ultimately, by providing employees with more downtime, they will have more downtime in which to recuperate and recharge it is the company’ goal to benefit from the increases in productivity that by highly talented, highly motivated and happy healthy staff invariably deliver.

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Mathias Pasquay, pascom CEO
As a family friendly IT business, our employees already enjoy an excellent range of workplace and flexibility benefits. As such, we are fortunate that we do not have any employee engagement issues and that is what makes us switching to four-day workweek even simpler for us. We see working 4 days a week as the future, particularly in the telecoms industry, and it is our goal to provide our employees with some extra, well-deserved downtime to further enrich their personal lives. In addition, we hope that by proactively switching to the 4-day working model, we will further strengthen our image as one of the best employers regionally and across the German telecoms industry which in turn will enable us to continue to attract the best talent and further improve our solutions and services thanks to our highly skilled and motivated team.

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