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Cloud Communications

Cloud Communications

What does Cloud Communications mean?

Cloud communications refer to a communications solution that is Cloud hosted, normally by your choosen provider and are then made accessible via the Internet. When it comes to telecommunications, a cloud communications solution is normally deployed as a complete all-in-one solution encompassing Telephony, Contact Centre and Collaboration.

Cloud Communications Benefits

Firstly, cloud-based phone systems are accessible via the Internet, they can be accessed, managed and used from everywhere. This ensures that you are your team can stay connected with customers and one another from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Secondly, cloud-based communications are much simpler to deploy and access. The hosting, ongoing management and system maintenaince is done by your provider, freeing up your IT resources to focus on other essential business systems. Moreover, as your cloud communications provider is responsible for system maintenance etc, they will also offer levels of redundancy and guaranteed availability (uptime).

Thirdly, cloud communications solutions providers will usually offer managed services to ensure your business benefits from always having the latest in functionality and security upgrades and updates.

Finally, compared to on-premise solutions, cloud phone systems and communications solutions are 100% software subscription based and therefore extremely scalable, meaning cloud communications solutions can scale inline with your company growth simply by adding or reducing user licenses. No additional hardware is required to deploy or scale the solution and as a software based solution, the life cycle of the solution is considerably longer than hardware based solutions, ensuring you and your business will enjoy a much greater return on investment long-term.

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