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Make managing business phone calls simple - pascom 19.09

Make managing business phone calls simple - pascom 19.09

Make managing business phone calls simple - pascom 19.09

Keeping Track of Calls with Understandable, Usable Call Histories

October 14th, 2020 | Deggendorf, Germany - pascom GmbH, a leading developer of business Unified Communication (UC) phone systems, today announce the release of pascom 19.09, the lastest version of the company’ business communications platform. pascom 19.09 focuses on upgrading SMB and contact centre business phone call logging with the addition of advanced contact centre queue call histories, search and filtering direct in the pascom UCC apps.

Users of previous pascom UCC apps already had access to a comprehensive global call history that enabled them to filter call direction, result and even type (voicemail, system vs customer calls) as well as view detailed call information such as recordings, call flow and call transfers.

With pascom 19.09, the existing functionality has been expanded to include queue level call logging and makes the information accessible to all pascom desktop and mobile UCC app users in an easy to understand and therefore useful format. In doing so, the new call logging feature is intented to provide both knowledge workers and call agents with an intuitive yet detailed call history to support them keep track of all their important business phone calls.

The newly added functionality provides pascom app users with an extremely simple method to instantly identify, search and filter all call types. The newly redesigned global call history includes specific markers (icon and queue name) to highlight queue calls. Furthermore, the new functionality includes a new Team Call History which provides users detailed access to the call history for each specific queue they are a member of.

Thomas Schmidt, pascom Sales Director:
Business phone call logging may seem like a simple feature that every phone system offers. While that’s true, what most don’t understand is just how essential effective call tracking is for great customer service. What’s more, in recent times its importance has grown significantly as a result of how dispersed the workforce has become and the nature of how modern businesses are now operating. The new global and team call histories make it easy for users to distinguish which calls are direct to their extension or via a team as well as identifing who actually answered the call, ensuring that a customer call is never overlooked and users do not need to chase colleagues or look up records to find out who spoke to who when.

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Founded in 1997, pascom are the developers of next-generation UCC Telephony Solutions and we upgrade business communications.

With pascom’s innovative on-premise and cloud UC phone systems at the heart of their communications, businesses have a centralised, intelligent hub giving them total control over the organisation’s communications – no matter how diverse and dynamic the business communication channels.

The pascom platform offers excellent scalability and are highly customisable to exactly match even the most specific customer requirements. This is why pascom phone systems are the perfect choice to support Small Medium Enterprises to communicate smarter, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

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