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Bring Your Own Provider

Bring Your Own Provider

What is Bring Your Own Provider (BYOP)?

Bring Your Own Provider is similar to all the Brind/Choose Your Own strategies. Sometimes referred to as Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) or Choose Your Own Provider (CYOP), Bring Your Own Provider means having the ability to either bring your existing provider or choose the Voice provider that best suits your business requirements and then connect them to your telephony platform as opposed to utlising your phone system provider’s voice services.

BYOP has been around even since before Cloud Communications became mainstream. As the VoIP telephony industry started to take off, developers of VoIP telephone systems were often reliant on 3rd party providers for voice transmission services while legacy phone systems often required plug-ins with 3rd party Unified Communications or Contact Centre solution providers. That said, Bring Your Own Provider has been growing in recent times, driven mostly by the switch from on-premise to cloud-based telephony solutions which offer companies significantly more flexibility, scalability and cost savings compared to legacy on-premise PBX systems and now become synonomous with the option of choosing a different voice provider to your phone system provider.

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Benefits of BYOP

As mentioned above, BYOP has become synonomous with a business using a 3rd party voice carrier as opposed to using the voice services as offered by your phone system provider. In many circumstance choosing the all-in-one bundle offered by phone system providers is the right way go, but sometimes going the BYOP route makes more sense. For example, it could be the case that your phone system platform does not include voice provider services, or does not offer the coverage your business needs.

Another reason could be that you want to change to an all-in-one phone system provider platform, but are locked into a contract with your existing provider but do not want to or cannot afford to hang on to your old phone system because it is a drain on your resources. In this scenario BYOP makes perfect sense as it enables a so-called soft migration that means you can upgrade your phone system to get all those much needed extra features, functions and tools but continue using your existing provider before switching to your new provider as the contract ends.

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