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Find Me Follow Me

Find Me Follow Me

What is Find Me Follow Me?

Find Me Follow Me is a telephony device management feature that allows users to control when, where and in which order their telephony devices should ring. With Find Me Follow Me users can adapt their settings to match the requirements of different scenarios. For example, when working in Home Office a user may wish to receive calls direct to their extension from colleagues and customers on both their mobile and desktop softphones, but calls which arrive at their office phone number via a team (call queue) should only ring on the desktop softphone. Find Me Follow Me also allows the user to ensure that while they are working from home, calls will never ring on their desktop phone in the office.

It is also possible to add delays to when a call should ring, helping users define the order in which devices should ring for each scenario. For example, if a user has multiple phones, they may not wish them all to ring at once and can setup a delay to match their preference.

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