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Fixed Mobile Convergence

Fixed Mobile Convergence

What is Fixed Mobile Convergence?

Fixed Mobile Convergence, or FMC, is a telecomms industry term that essentially means the combining of fixed-line and mobile technologies to make users available on one specific number regardless of the device they use or where they work.

For the average consumer this is simple as they pretty much only use their mobile phones and many don’t even have a private landline anymore.

However, the business world requires a different approach as customers expect to reach businesses on a single phone number or range of numbers and employees don’t like handing out private mobile numbers or having to carry a second “Work” mobile.

Until recently, many smaller to medium sized businesses have either dismissed mobile VoIP and FMC as either nice to have features or something that is for large enterprise and by association too expensive. However, this is not the case as the feature comes as standard with pascom and overcomes a number of issues for both customers and employees, meaning FMC has become is now an essential part of any business communications solution.

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