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Asterisk Tutorial 21 - Asterisk Call Queues

Asterisk Tutorial 21 - Asterisk Call Queues

Asterisk Tutorial 21 - Asterisk Call Queues

Introducing Asterisk Phone Systems – Professional Call Queuing with Asterisk Queues

So here we are with our latest tutorial from our Introducing Asterisk series. This time around we take a look at the topic of Asterisk Queues. Building on from our last tutorial on Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) in Asterisk, today’s tutorial focuses on Call Queuing.

First however, a few questions that should be answered:

What Is Call Queuing & Why Do We Need It?

These are both very good questions that should be answered before moving forward with this tutorial. Last week we took a look at the concept of ACD and setup up a basic configuration. This could well be enough as the perfect solution for small office home office (SOHO) environments. But what if your company is an SMB or larger?

How do you handle and try to answer all your incoming calls? Well there are two options,; either you have an employee for every caller which is stupidly expensive and a waste of resources. Or you go with option 2 – Call Queuing.

Call Queuing will enable you to handle multiple calls simultaneously with less staff, plus giving your company an image boost. How bad would it be if your callers kept calling and getting a busy tone? Call Queuing helps you avoid this, making sure your company reputation isn’t damaged as well as adding an air of professionalism to your corporate image. Now that sounds like a much better and more beneficial solutions, doesn’t it?

How do we use Asterisk Queues?

So here we are with the how part. Watch the tutorial video above and find out.

In today’s tutorial you will discover what you need to know about the Asterisk file queues.conf where we will also demonstrate how to configure your queues. Moreover, we also introduce the Asterisk queues application as well as how to modify your dialplans to incorporate your new queue.

Stay tuned for next time when we take a more detailed look at call strategies. What they are, what they mean and when to use them.

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Final Word

A well-configured business phone system that oozes useful tools, delivers excellent audio quality and intuitive call flows will leave callers with a highly professional impression. The configuration options and application availability and how well they are utilized will have a decisive impact on how professionally you manage your calls and therefore how your customers view your company. The switch to a pascom VoIP phone system solution provides the opportunity to not only upgrade your internal collaboration but also to redefine telephony in your company.

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Until next time, comment, share and like and most importantly – Happy VoIPing!