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Benefits of Mobile VoIP Apps

Benefits of Mobile VoIP Apps

Benefits of Mobile VoIP Apps

How mobile is your business?

It’s an important question that needs answering, especially when one considers how fast paced and highly competitive the modern business world has become. Modern businesses, no matter whether they fall into the small, medium or even large enterprise bracket, always need to be on their game to stay ahead of the curve. No where is this more true than when it comes to business communications. Businesses simply cannot afford to miss phone calls or have employees not being contactable for prolonged periods of time if they want to avoid their customers approaching the competition. Combine this with the fact that the rise of telecommuting continues to gain momentum being aided by the introduction of legislation promoting Flexi-working in many countries, it can sometimes feel as if you need your employees to be everywhere at once.

So how can VoIP help? Well there are numerous benefits of VoIP phone systems in general which can help alleviate the pressures facing businesses, but the question still remains how can organisations integrate all their workforce in this ever increasing mobile world? This is where choosing the right IP PBX vendor comes in to play, always ensure that the vendor you choose provides mobile VoIP apps for both Android and iPhones. Having a VoIP phone solution with a fully integrated mobile VoIP client, can benefit both companies and users in a multitude of ways.

Converge your fixed and mobile communications

As with most things technology, the terminology can be quite duanting, but the concept of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is quite a simple one to understand. Simply put, it describes the joining of both your fixed (landline) and mobile communication channels, which in essence means having 1 number for both channels, regardless of how many devices you use. It may seem trivial, but it does have numerous benefits, such as a customer not needing to make two calls (or more depending on how many devices or work locations you ustilise) before they reach you.

How implementing an IP phone system with a mobile VoIP client enables FMC is by permitting either the simultaneous or sequential calling of all your devices when someone calls your office extension, thus ensuring that no matter where you are, you can be reached on the first call and thus saving the caller money on their phone bill and not incurring the risk that they lose their patience.

Additional benefits here also include for example reducing your telephony overheads. In the past, and to this day for that matter, many companies issue employees with mobile phones so they can be contactable whilst out of the office. By implementing and operating a VoIP solution with mobile VoIP client functionality, your users can download the client onto their smartphones, thus saving on additional hardware and phone bills.

Now some employees might say that they do not want to use their private phones for work. It’s a fair point, but considering that the growth of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) according to market research and analysis from VoIP and telecom review website Software Advice concerning mobile terminology, it is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in business communications.

Unifies Communications providing mobile access to organisational systems

Above and beyond the convergence of your main communication channels, deploying and utilising a mobile VoIP client within your VoIP phone system delivers additional benefits, many of which you may never have considered. Firstly, mobile VoIP solutions also provide access to essential company systems, such as the corporate address book, meaning the days of saving and synchronising all your important contact data accross multiple devices are well and truly in the past as well as increasing time savings by reducing time spent finding contact details.

In addition to accessing corporate systems, mobile voip solutions can also deliver UC (unified communications) functionality such as presence and availability information, enabling users to imediately identify which of their colleagues are not only online, offine, away, busy, in DND mode, but also if the device they are currently using is available, busy etc. This is essential information for not only you as the mobile user, but also to your colleagues, so the ability to “post” your own status directly from your phone is equally essential.

Moreover, most top of the line VoIP systems will also incorporate IM (Instant Messaging) into not only their desktop solutions but also their mobility clients as well. This enables users to chat in real time, even when both parties are away from their desks. Deploying and utilising the functionality provide by mobile UC solutions in conjunction with one another delivers a unified communications experience which can save considerable amounts of time and frustration whilst simultaneously encouraging and increasing employee productivity.

Mobilise your workforce with mobile VoIP clients

Mobile VoIP clients may not be able to enable your employees to actually be everywhere at once, they can certainly go a long way in ensuring they are always reachable. Therefore, no matter whether you are a one man band or a company with five, 10, 100 or even 1,000 employees, mobile VoIP clients deliver invaluable flexible, unified and reliable mobile communication solutions which add further value to your VoIP phone system. Therefore, when choosing your new VoIP phone system, do not just make sure it supports mobile VoIP clients, but go into more detail. Dig a little deeper and discover whether your chosen solution supports mobile presence management, mobile user status management and mobile user corporate directory access. Doing so will provide your company with a solution that keeps your workforce moving.

To sum up, Unified Communications boosts productivity by promoting better, easier and higher quality communication and collaboration within the workplace. Moreover, by choosing the right UC phone system vendor coupled with the right VoIP providers, businesses can slash their phone bills and communication costs and significantly reduce platform management, particularly if they opt for a cloud phone system that also supports a “Bring Your Own Carrier” option.

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