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pascom Get Fit Challenge 2024

pascom Get Fit Challenge 2024

pascom Get Fit Challenge 2024

We’re Back - Welcome to 2024

Happy 2024 everyone! We trust that you’ve all had a great start to the year and if your New Year’s resolution was to get fit, we’re right there with you and you have the backing and support of everyone at pascom!

pascom Get Fit Challenge 2024: Employee Engagement meets Social Responsibilty

In 2023, teamPASCOM demonstrated amazing committment and determination to smash the 75,000 points target. Thanks to the teams’ efforts, not only did participating employees receive a €1,000 bonus, we were also able to use the proceeds of the 2023 Get Fit Challenge to provide financial support to seven (7) local charitable organisations who rely on donations and volunteers to provide the services they provide.

Thanks to the teams achievements, we were able to give back to our community and support the amazing work of our chosen organisations with a donation of €8,500. As with previous years, we chose to support organisations whose main area of activity is considered uncomfortable and are often overlooked. Furthermore, as part of our commitment to our employees, we also look to support organisations in which our employees are actively engaged, for example, the volunteer fire services and youth football clubs.

Challenge 2024

Looking forward to 2024 and the challenge has already started heating up. Many employees have started the year with a bang and have already been hitting the company gym or partaking in BodyPump sessions. Some, more brave colleagues have even been braced the -7°c temperatures on the pascom early morning runs.

pascom employees training in the pascom Gym

This is just as well considering that the bar has been raised once more. If the team want to secure their bonuses and the annual donnation, then they will have to work together and show true determination as this years target is a whopping 100,000 points.

To put all this in perspective, the challenge runs over 44 weeks from January 1st to October 31st and for every point raised we will donate 10cent to charity if the team reaches its target. As for the points, they are calulated as follows:

Activity Points
Cycling 1/km
Alpine Skiing 1/km
Rowing 2/km
Run / Hike / Walk 3/km
Nordic Skiing 3/km
Swimming 10/km
Weight Training, Yoga, Workout 20/hour
Cake Donation 40
Salad Donation 30

In order to reach the 100,000 point goal, the team will need to average just under 2,300 points per week. So if the team were to achieve the required points by cycling alone, a quick glance at the the table above shows us that they would need to cycle 2,300 km per week. No matter which way you look at it, the 2024 challenge is going to be tough, but thankfully teamPASCOM will receive reinforcements in 2024 as we welcome new employees to the team early in the year.

Active pascom

As is probably quite clear by now, as a company, pascom place significant emphasis on employee health and well-being. Couple this with the team’s dynamic ethos and the introduction of the 4-day week last September pascom employees should become even more active as they enjoy more free time outside of the workplace, so 2024 promises to be extremely active which is a good thing considering that we’ve got our work cut out for us.

To this end, pascom Health Manager Magdalena has already restarted the pascom BodyPump sessions after the Xmas/New Year break and will continue to offer them throughout 2024. The pascom running club is back up and running and while the amount of daylight and the colder weather is not yet ideal for commuting 20km each way on the bike, our avid bikers will be out there soon enough - #thereisnooffseason as the boss would say!

Furthermore, we are once again Gold Sponsors of the Heimat Trails Trophy (HTT) outdoor sports event. The 2024 HTT competition has been expanded with new and additional locations including a more family friendly hiking route per location. One or two of the new routes are even closer to home, meaning that the team has no excuse and will have plenty of opportunity to get out on the trails with colleagues, friends and family.

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