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LWsystems Professional Day 2020 Platinum Sponsor

LWsystems Professional Day 2020 Platinum Sponsor

LWsystems Professional Day 2020 Platinum Sponsor

Designing the Digital Transformation, Sovereignty and pascom at LWsystems Professional Day 2020

Entitled Digitalisierung Souverän Gestalten (Designing Digital Transformation & Sovereignty), pascom are a proud Platinum sponsor of the LWsystem Professional Day 2020 on November 11th 2020 (postponed from March 19th 2020) at the Münster - Osnabrück Airport. Being hosted by Linux Open Standards IT solutions specialist and pascom Certified partner LWsystems GmbH & Co. KG, the event will focus on the role of Linux based Open Source / Open Standards solutions in the Digital Transformation and maintaining your digital sovereignty.

Join the discussion with leading industry names such as pascom, owncloud, agorum and FAST LTA and inform yourself on the latest IT-trends concerning the subject of maintaining your digital sovereignty and the digital transformation. Including a number of informative keynotes covering a variety of topics from Digital Identity and Security Digital Processes and of course business communications as pascom Sales Director Thomas Schmidt introduces kicking old habits and taking control of your business communications with pascom UC phone systems.

Thomas Schmidt, pascom Sales Director:
Firstly, supporting our pascom partners in growing their businesses is core to increasing success of our channel partner network. As such, we are excited to be a LWsystems Professional Day Platinum sponsor, particularly considering the focus of the event. No matter where you look these days, the Digital Transformation is being discussed across the board. Particularly with the increase in cloud adoption, the issue surrounding Digital Sovereignty is coming to the fore and as a business communications and collaboration platform vendor with roots as a systems integrator, we understand these issues and develop our solutions to ensure the secure deliver of and access to the digital workplace.

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About LWsystems

LWsystems GmbH & Co. KG are your partner for tailor-made Linux and Open Source / Open Standards based IT solutions. No matter whether you are looking to optimise your team collaboration, manage the flow of company data or actively optimise your sales and new customer acquisition, LWsystems offer reliable, cost effective and customer orientated IT services.

About pascom

Founded in 1997, pascom are the developers of next-generation UCC Telephony Solutions and we upgrade business communications.

With pascom’s innovative on-premise and cloud UC phone systems at the heart of their communications, businesses have a centralised, intelligent hub giving them total control over the organisation’s communications – no matter how diverse and dynamic the business communication channels.

The pascom platform offers excellent scalability and are highly customisable to exactly match even the most specific customer requirements. This is why pascom phone systems are the perfect choice to support Small Medium Enterprises to communicate smarter, more efficiently and more cost-effectively.

For more about LWsystems Professional Day 2020 and other pascom events, please visit our events page.