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pascom AMPAREX Interoperability

pascom AMPAREX Interoperability

pascom AMPAREX Interoperability

AMPAREX Successfully Complete pascom Phone System Interoperability Testing

AMPAREX GmbH based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany is a leading provider of Industry Software for Optician, Audiologist and Therapist practices. Across Europe, AMPAREX is used daily by ca. 10,000 users and over 2,000 health care practices. Already interoperable with pascom on-premise solutions, AMPAREX have recently successfully completed interoperability testing with pascom’s cloud solutions.

Stephan Förderung, CEO, AMPAREX: We have been successfully working with pascom phone systems for over four years now. Internally, we have deployed Snom Desktop phones along with pascom Desktop UC clients. The pascom phone system offers a sleek and user-friendly user interface and thanks to the integrated API interface, we are able to connect third party systems with the minimum of fuss. For example, using the XMPP interface, we have developed our own “Call-Monitor” in which our support team call volumes are graphically represented on monitors ensuring that we always have an instant real-time overview of team performance!

Should technical questions arise, the pascom support team can be easily contacted either using their ticket system or on the phone. As a result of our excellent experience with pascom, we recommend pascom phone systems to our customers and have developed a pascom interface which is included as standard with all our products.

The pascom integration interface is included per default within AMPAREX’s standard scope of features and encompasses the following functions:

  1. CTI integration enabling the direct dialing from within the AMPAREX application via clicking on the telephone symbol next to all phone number fields within the software.
  1. Automatic opening of customer records within the application for inbound calls.

  2. Telephone book export option of customer data in the pascom format to facilitate importing contacts to the pascom server. In doing so, the customer name will be displayed on the desktop telephone screen.

  3. Simple setup. One need only their login credentials and to select the endpoint assigned to their workspace. Since early March 2018, the AMPAREX integration is also supported within the pascom cloud environment. You simply need only add the domain name to the user name:

Simple, hassle free pascom AMPAREX integration

Internally, AMPAREX GmbH also utilise a pascom phone system and thanks to the XMPP interface were able to integrate their own in-house support programme. As such, the company is now able to benefit from the following performance enhancing support tool functionality:

AMPAREX Support Queue
  1. Graphical display of their support queue capacity / utilisation
  2. Dynamic support queue agent log in/out
  3. Simplified dialling from within the company phonebook, a support ticket or freely enter a number
  4. Telephone presence status for support employees
  5. Automatic ticket creation and customer assignment utilising the inbound caller’s telephone number
  6. And of course a complete call history:
AMPAREX call logs

In addition, AMPAREX have also benefited from the integration by being able to extract performance relevant information (answered vs lost calls) which is then holistically reproduced in graphical Wallboards displayed on wall monitors mounted in specific locations across the company premises:

AMPAREX Support Wallboards


AMPAREX GmbH was founded 1995. AMPAREX has 33 (2017) employees and a turnover of 3,000,000 € per year (2017). AMPAREX established fast as one of the leading companies in innovative technology. Basic area of our activity in the last years were business relevant internet and intranet applications for medium-sized and large companies.

For more information about AMPAREX, please visit their website.

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