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pascom mobydick phone system 7.12

pascom mobydick phone system 7.12

pascom mobydick phone system 7.12

Cloud Telephony

mobydick 7.12 delivers a significant number of “under the hood” additions, modifications and improvements. This also includes mobydick 7.12 being the first mobydick phone solution that is cloud compatible and provides the foundations on which future mobydick phone system versions will be further enhanced. To this end, the development of mobydick 7.12 ran in parallel to achieving the first milestone of the mobydick Cloud Stack which will be fully functional with mobydick 7.13 next quarter.

Auerswald Interoperability

mobydick 7.12 sees the addition of Autoprovisioning and Interoperability support for Auerswald GmbH’s superb range of Android based IP Phones, meaning end users are now able to benefit from the ease of use and familiarity of their Android Smartphones, directly on their desktop without losing any of the functionality that mobydick interoperability delivers.

For mobydick phone system administrators, the new support also delivers significant time saving and ease of device commissioning benefits. Thanks to the transition from the previous tabular device configuration settings to a XML menu editor, device family management in mobydick 7.12 has been greatly simplified, enabling admins to simply copy and paste the settings and customising them to meet specific device / user requirements. This transition will be available for Snom, Yealink & Aastra (Mitel) phones in mobydick 7.13.

pascom Auerswald IP endpoint interop

Outbound Trunk Selector within the mobydick client

With mobydick 7.12, it is now possible for mobydick end users to select the phone number (meaning trunk) they use when making calls from a drop down list. Enabling this function has numerous benefits including allowing end users to decide on the most appropriate number without needing the corresponding “In-Prefix” associated to each trunk. What’s more, this new functionality also reduces the need for mobydick phone system administrators having to configure multiple least cost routing call rules when multiple trunks are in operation and when used appropriately can produced significant cost savings which will make the finance team happy.

pascom Desktop CTI Number Selector

Copy/Paste Licences

mobydick 7.12 brings about a change in the methodology behind how licences are issued and kept up-to-date thanks to migrating away from the old md-lic packets to a mobydick licence key that can be copied and pasted directly eliminating the need for packet downloads and uploads when managing licences. In addition, should a mobydick licence become invalid due to new user values or software maintenance contract extensions for example, mobydick will revert back to the community version. This will provide mobydick system administrators to access the commander where they will be able to use the newly integrated “Check for licence updates” tool or paste the new licence key directly into the licence overview section of mobydick, meaning they can get the mobydick phone system operational again with the minimum of fuss and in no time at all.

pascom Licence Keys

Database Backups

The mobydick Database backup tool has been greatly improved and now automatically includes music on hold and customised prompts as well as providing mobydick phone system administrators with more flexibility in what is included by providing options to include recordings, faxes and voicemails.

Conference Rooms

The mobydick Conference Rooms no longer use the MeetMe application, but rather have been migrated to the newer more stable Confbridge. MeetMe has been deprecated and also led to problems and stability issues within the conferencing system, whereas Confbridge delivers greater stability. However, this does mean that for the time being the little used dynamic Conferencing functionality has been removed until the Confbridge integrate has been expanded to support dynamic conferencing.

New Debian System & Asterisk Certification

The mobydick phone system has been upgraded to Debian 7 (Wheezy). Wheezy is approximately 25 – 30% quicker than Debian 6, which in turn provides additional benefits in terms of the number of users the various mobydick appliances can support. This also applies to virtualised instances thanks to Wheezy providing an optimised platform for vmWare and Hyper-V virtualisation solutions.

Furthermore, upgrading to Wheezy ensures that the mobydick Linux platform will continue to be supported until May 2018 as well as ensuring continuing security updates for the system can be implemented as does the upgrade to asterisk 11.6-cert 12 which delivers a greater spectrum of security features.

About pascom - communication without borders

Founded in 1997, pascom is a Linux IT systems integrator with over 15 years worth of experience delivering tailor-made IP telecommunications and network infrastructures solutions and thanks to their Asterisk based pascom phone system software, pascom have grown in to a market leader in the IP telecommunications across the DACH region and beyond.

pascom is a software based, open standards platform which delivers powerful, innovative business communications solutions. Based on Asterisk, the pascom phone system provides businesses with a scalable and flexible alternative to proprietary IP PBX solutions whilst simultaneously allowing companies to reduce telecommunication costs, increase mobility and boost productivity.

Delivering a whole host of unified communications tools, pascom’s platform-independent, user-friendly admin interface, provides users and IT admins alike with an enhanced user-friendly experience and significantly decreases IT administration further boosting productivity, optimising workflows and increasing efficiencies.

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