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pascom Launch New PASCOM ONE Solution

pascom Launch New PASCOM ONE Solution

pascom Launch New PASCOM ONE Solution

November 24th, 2021 | Deggendorf, Germany - pascom GmbH, a leading Business Communications solutions provider, today unveil the Cloud Only future of pascom business communication solutions with the eagerly awaited release of PASCOM ONE, a completely new pascom product. PASCOM ONE is a complete cloud-based business communications solution which allows customers to enjoy more performance, flexibility and cost saving benefits.

Initially available to pascom customers and partners within the German market, the addition of SIP Trunking services serves as one of the most significant milestones in the company’s history and transforms the pascom phone system into an All-in-One Business Communications solution. Furthermore, adding carrier services to the already feature-rich solution creates an even greater, more beneficial value proposition and ensures pascom will further enhance it’s reputation and competiveness within the German market and further afield as plans to expand PASCOM ONE to additional markets are well underway.

For PASCOM ONE customers and partners, the new solution offers significantly more benefits and flexibility. The new VoIP services enable customers to benefit from provider consolidation and delivers more communications features and functionality directly without requiring 3rd party providers. Through access to all their essential communication channels available in one platform, PASCOM ONE customers will enjoy simpler platform management, lower administration workloads and reliable professional platform support.

The release of PASCOM ONE delivers an update to the company’s Concurrent User subscription licensing model. Designed to deliver greater flexibility and functionality, the same all-inclusive functionality is now available on a per user subscription basis. Compared to the previous user packages, pascom ONE customers now have the freedom to build their communications solution exactly according to the business needs. Furthermore, alongside the new SIP trunking services, each PASCOM ONE Concurrent User subscription now includes five (5) web guests per pascom Concurrent User licence, ensuring customers no longer need to purchase additional subscriptions solely for the purpose of Web Meetings.

Mathias Pasquay, pascom CEO
With PASCOM ONE we have transformed pascom into a complete communications solution. The new SIP servives are not only the next logical step in the technological evolution of pascom, but with PASCOM ONE we saw an opportunity to listen, rethink and improve. The new PASCOM ONE licensing is designed to offer our customers more services, more flexibility, more functionality and more performance. The introductions of per Concurrent User subscriptions, monthly invoicing and the 5 Web Meeting Guests per Concurrent User are excellent examples of how we’ve taken critique onboard and worked to overcome them in order to offer our customers and partners greater value and benefits.

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