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pascom Get Fit Challenge €6,000 donation to Sportler helfen Sportlern

pascom Get Fit Challenge €6,000 donation to Sportler helfen Sportlern

pascom Get Fit Challenge €6,000 donation to Sportler helfen Sportlern

December 10th, 2021 | Deggendorf, Germany - As any sportsperson knows, working together effectively as a team is essential to success. This sentiment is true in all aspects of life but nowhere is it more so or important than at home, in your local community. In supporting "Sportler helfen Sportlern 1997 e.V." (engl. Athletes Helping Athletes), pascom are honoured to be supporting a local charitable sporting organisation whose sole purpose is to provide invaluable assistance to local amateur and recreational sportspersons in need, whether through illness or injury.

pascom donation to Sportler Helfen Sportlern

Sportler helfen Sportlern focus primarily on supporting sporting individuals and their families from across the region who find themselves in need. As the organisation recognises, one of the most difficult aspects of their task is that the people who most desperately need help are often those who do not or cannot ask for help - a situation that has significantly worsened during the pandemic. Therefore, the organisation is totally reliant on community support in identifying such people and bring them to their attention.

The organisation recognises and operates under the principle that charity begins at home and traditionally work closely with sports clubs and local media to organise fundraising and awareness campaigns aimed at supporting individuals in need. However, as with many aspects of life, the pandemic has severely hampered Sportler helfen Sportlern’s fundraising and awareness efforts, creating a gaping hole in the organisations fundraising ability.

For example, a current campaign involves the heartbreaking story of a youth American Football player who as a result of a stroke, now suffers from Cerebral palsy. The family are now faced with considerable financial hardship in coming to terms with the everyday, from house modifications to suitable family transport.

Sportler helfen Sportlern have actively been pushing a media awareness campaign, but traditional efforts such a Benefit Tournaments that reach the community directly must once again be put on hold, delaying much needed help for the family.

It is pascom’s hope, that while €6,000 is a mere drop in the water, it will go some way to helping individuals across Deggendorf facing similiar hardships and helping them return to as much normalacy as possible.

Manfred Karger, 1. Vorsitzender, Sportler helfen Sportlern 1997 e.V.
We were taken completely by surprise and were flabbergasted when we heard about pascom’s fundraising campaign and the amount of money being donated to our Friends’ Association. In these difficult Corona times, we have not neglected our charitable projects, so we are all the more pleased that there are companies like pascom who are willing to help and support us. In order to be able to donate us this sensational sum of €6,000, what the pascom team has done throughout their Get Fit Challenge is a fantastic achievement in terms of both sport and community spirit.

Mathias Pasquay, pascom CEO
Throughout 2021, separation and division have sadly been the norm once again. Like people everywhere, at pascom we looked to sport to make the best of the situation. The pascom Get Fit Challenge was designed to engage with our employees, promote their physical and mental health. We wanted to create a positive atmosphere by actively encouraging competition, co-operation and solidarity, attributes common to sport. By setting the team the goal of getting fit and raising for charity, I have been blown away by the response from the team and I know that through supporting the excellent work of Sportler helfen Sportlern, our efforts will see much need assistance being given to those in our community who desparately need help, but are sadly all too frequently fall through the cracks or, as is often the chase, are too afraid or proud to ask.

About Sportler helfen Sportlern

Because need starts on our doorstep. As those people who are worst off don’t ask for help themselves and therefore we never hear about their plight, we ask for your help and support so that we can react quickly with much needed support and help.

Since 1997, Sportler helfen Sportlern have been helping amateur and recreational athletes who through injury or illness are in dire need of help. The organisation’s support service are deliberately unbureaucratic so that help can be provided as quickly as possible.

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