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pascom ONE Cloud Phone System Global Release

pascom ONE Cloud Phone System Global Release

pascom ONE Cloud Phone System Global Release

Friday 28th October, 2022 | Deggendorf, Germany - pascom GmbH, a leading European provider of secure cloud-based Business Communication solutions, today announce the worldwide release of pascom ONE, the company's all-in-one cloud business communications solution.

As announced at the November 2021 pascom ONE German launch, pascom ONE is the cornerstone of the company’s vision and today’s announcement is a significant milestone in pascom’s transition to a “Cloud Only” telecommunications and collaboration solutions provider. The launch of pascom ONE outside of Germany is a major step away from the world of onsite PBX solutions and allows the company to strengthen its focus on cloud communications moving forward.

The worldwide availability of pascom ONE solutions ensures that all existing and new pascom customers are able to benefit from the greater flexibility, functionality and secure communicatons that pascom ONE phone systems have to offer. Existing customers can now effortlessly upgrade their solutions to the new pascom ONE using the ONE-Click migration tool. Meanwhile, new and prospective customers can now adopt pascom solutions assured in the knowledge that their business communication solutions are future proofed beyond the 2025 End of Support deadline for previous pascom solutions.

The pascom ONE global release also menas that the cloud solution’s per concurrent user monthly subscription is now available to all pascom customers and partners. By upgrading to pascom ONE, existing annual subscription customers will have the freedom to scale their pascom phone system exactly according to their business needs. Moreover, pascom ONE’s monthly subscription model provides customers with more financial flexibility and greater control over their telecommunication costs.

Furthermore, pascom ONE includes free web meeting guest licences (5 web guests / concurrent user licence), meaning pascom customers will no longer require additional licences for web meetings. As such, the newly available pascom ONE solution elmininates many of the previous concurrent user annual subscription model’s most significant drawbacks.

Mathias Pasquay, pascom CEO
Expanding pascom ONE and launching the service outside of Germany is an exciting and vital step in our growth as a European Cloud Communications provider. Now all our customers are able to enjoy the advantages and flexible licensing pascom ONE has to offer. What’s more, by launching and making pascom ONE available across all our markets, not only are we delivering a far superior and more beneficial service to our customers, we are also streamlining out internal processes which in turn will enable us to deliver greater customer service and bring new, innovative features and services to the market much quicker which is obviously a win win for all our pascom customers and partners.

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