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pascom ONE Snom D8XX interoperability

pascom ONE Snom D8XX interoperability

pascom ONE Snom D8XX interoperability

April 11th, 2024 | Deggendorf, Germany - pascom GmbH, a leading Business Communications solutions provider, today announce the successful completition and implementation of interoperability with Snom’s D8XX series of desktop VoIP phones.

pascom ONE Snom D8XX desktop VoIP phone interoperability

The recently released pascom Cloud Phone System (10.04.2024) includes a number of updates focussed on Snom VoIP phones including interoperability with the company’s range of 8XX IP phones. The new release will benefit customers and partners alike as they will now be able to onboard and manage Snom D8XX endpoints using the pascom provisioning tools. Furthermore, the pascom desktop apps can now remotely control Snom D8XX VoIP phones, meaning pascom users are now able to start calls via the pascom apps whilst benefiting from the traditional use of a desktop phone.

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Thomas Schmidt, pascom Sales:
Implementing interop support for the Snom D8XX desktop VoIP phone series is great news for our customers. As a long-standing Snom PBX technology partner, we’re proud to support the company’ full range of VoIP phones and IP DECT solutions, and with the Snom D8XX series, we are continuing to offer our customers an excellent range of choice coupled with modern design and performance.

Further updates in the recent pascom ONE cloud phone system release, also include support for Snom’s new Remote Control Function via SIP NOTIFY. Previously, Snom phones were connected via HTTP requestes, meaning the pascom apps could not communicate directly with Snom phones. Through supporting this new functionality, pascom Snom users will now enjoy greater comfort and ease of use when initiating calls via CTI and the pascom desktop apps both endpoints are now able to communicate directly via the SIP protocol.

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