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pascom Supporting Aids Beratungsstelle Counselling Service

pascom Supporting Aids Beratungsstelle Counselling Service

pascom Supporting Aids Beratungsstelle Counselling Service

pascom Support the Oberpfalz Aids Counselling Service

December 20th 2018 | Deggendorf, Germany - In what is now a pascom tradition at this time of year, the company chooses to financially support a local cause whose activities are perhaps sometimes overlooked or not given the recognition they deserve. In choosing the Aids Beratungsstelle Oberpfalz (German only - Oberpfalz Aids counselling centre), the company has chosen a cause that is often overlooked through taboo and social stigma but is no less worthy in making a difference to everyday lives.

pascom CEO Quirin Pasquay presenting the company’ donation to Hans-Peter Dorsch, Managing Psychologist at the Oberpfalz Aids Beratungsstelle

While activities vary, the organisation’s main activities are three-fold. Firstly, the counselling service provides both a telephone and personal advice service for anyone with questions regarding Aids, HIV, HIV tests as well as sexual health. For many, these counselling services offered by the Oberpfalz team provides an invaluable platform from which they can inform themselves, get their questions answered in a clear and understandable manner as well as clarifying any next steps that need to be taken. Secondly, the team also provide professional support services for HIV positive patients and their families. As with any diagnosis, after testing positive for HIV it is only human nature that for both the patient and their families will likely have more questions than answers concerning the impact on their lives and of course any available treatment options.

Thankfully, HIV treatment is nowadays largely successful and most patients live a long, fulfilling life despite the virus. Even armed with this knowledge, patients will invariably have the nagging question “How or what will my life be like now”. In order to best support patients and their loved ones during this uncertain period, the Oberpfalz Aids counselling team ensure that not only can patients access personalised consultation sessions, but also ensure that they have access to an extensive network of professionals and facilities depending on the patient`s needs when supporting them in answering the many questions they likely have.

Finally, the organisation takes on a preventative role in combating the spread HIV/Aids infections through organising educational campaigns, awareness training and group events aimed at specific demographic groups as well as organising working place and professional training. Beyond this, the service also participates in a syringe exchange programme for drug users coupled with their counselling services.

Quirin Pasquay, pascom CEO: When making our annual donation, we always look support a local charitable organisation or service who offer invaluable but often unseen services either because the cause is felt to be taboo or carries a negative social stigma. We are well aware that offering any essential charitable service involves a high level of cost, particularly in a medical environment and in choosing the Oberpfalz Aids Beratungsstelle, we not only wanted to thank the team for their exceptional dedication and commitment to supporting their patients and families, but we also wanted to show our gratitude for their work in the form of a financial donation that will help the organisation in continuing to offer their excellent service to the Oberpfalz region.

About Aids Beratungsstelle Oberpfalz

The Aids Beratungsstelle in Oberpfalz is a member of the Niederbayern / Oberpfalz district of the Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz (Bavarian Red Cross) and has been offering Aids support services since 1988. The centre is based in Regensburg and offers a range of HIV/Aids support and prevention services to the Oberpfalz and Niederbayern region of Bavaria, including testing, personalised counselling and telephone support as well as educational campaigns and awareness training.

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