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pascom WombatDialer Integration Guide

pascom WombatDialer Integration Guide

pascom WombatDialer Integration Guide

Give Your ContactCenter A Boost with Loway’s WombatDialer and the pascom Phone System

Increase your Asterisk Contact Center productivity with pascom and the WombatDialer. Deploying a predictive dialling contact strategy enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to significantly increase their Contact Center productivity, maximise agent talk time and increase call penetration whilst enjoying greater campaign effectiveness.

How it Works

Deploying Loway’s WombatDialer in combination with our pascom phone system can dramatically increase your Telemarketing/Telesales campaign effectiveness, but how does it work? The WombatDialer automates the dialling process by dialling a pre determined list of numbers and then connecting all answered calls to your Call Center staff. Predictive dialling supports you in minimising agent waiting time between calls as well as maximising coverage and campaign effectiveness through increasing agent talk time and call penetration levels. Predictive dialling and intelligent rescheduling also deliver additional benefits in terms of increasing campaign coverage. By eliminating agents “cherry picking” numbers from the list and using the rescheduling capabilities, list contacts will be called repeatedly until they are reached. Thus ensuing significantly decreased dropped call ratios and increasing campaign coverage.

Moreover, deploying pascom and the WombatDialer together also provides agents with all their “must” have information before jumping into the call. The pascom IP PBX allows you to integrate and automatically opening additional platforms such as your ERP, CRM or Support Ticket systems as part of your agent workflows. On top of this, the WombatDialer is able to produce an array of detailed metrics regarding campaign performance, providing team leaders with access to real time performance data. This can then be used in combination with pascom’s in call coaching and recording tools to really boost team performance, helping your team deliver excellent customer service.

Another significant benefit of deploying pascom and the WombatDialer into your Center operations is the ability to gain control over and dramatically reduce hardware and capital expenditure. pascom’s fully integrated softphone simultaneously enables agents to work from anywhere, reducing both capital and hardware expenditure in terms of office space and hardware. Moreover, by eliminating manual dialling and increasing call penetration, the WombatDialer will help you increase current staff productivity and efficiency, thus ensuring greater ROI and promoting long term employment, office space and hardware cost savings.

However, the WombatDialer has so much more to offer than ContactCenter outbound predictive dialling. For example, by utilising the dialers’ Telecasting capabilities, you can deliver targeted announcements with a pre recorded message to literally thousands of contacts almost simultaneously. Simply load the data into the WombatDialer and the configure your campaign end points suitably within both wombat and pascom, upload your message and start the campaign. The dialer and pascom will do the rest for you and will continue to do so, within the parameters you define, until all contacts are reached and informed.

For more information about pascom’s Call and Contact Centre functionality and the WombatDialer integration, please contact us on +49 991 26961 200 or visit our website.

For further information regarding the integration process, please refer to our detailed documentation.