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pascom VoIP Phone System Free Edition

pascom VoIP Phone System Free Edition

Upgrade Your Business Communications

Are you looking to upgrade your business communications? Is your existing solution on its last legs or simply not delivering the performance and functionality your business needs? Then try pascom’s free business phone system edition today and discover how we can support you in giving your communications a breath of fresh air.

Available for both on-premise and in the cloud, pascom’s free phone system edition is different from other vendors. Firstly, our free edition phone systems offer exactly the same functionality as our commercial phone system solutions. Featuring everything you need to upgrade your business communications from from a complete unified communications feature set to mobile VoIP, ContactCentre and open standards interoperability. As a result, you can deploy your pascom solution anywhere, use your choice of SIP providers and VoIP phones plus benefit from the full scope of pascom features.

pascom Business VoIP Communication Solutions

Secondly, we do not impose any time limitations on our pascom free phone system editions. Take all the time you need to configure and test the solution and when you are ready, upgrading is quick and easy. Even our hosted free editions solutions are available with no time limitations. That means that you can enjoy free phone system hosting in our redundant cloud infrastructure for the lifetime of the system - no just for a limited time as with other vendors. Finally, getting started couldn’t be simpler and thanks to our new setup guides and assistants, you can get your pascom phone system will be up and running in just a matter of minutes, regardless of your choice of installation - in the cloud or on-premise.

Offering a full Unified Communications suite including presence, instant messaging, desktop and mobile softphones and voicemail 2 e-mail, pascom solutions also include advanced Call and Contact Centre tools as standard, such as intuitive Hotdesking, simple queue and team management, call recording, Skills-based routing and call labels. Open Standards ensure that you benefit from having no vendor lock-in, freeing you up to choose the SIP provider and hardware vendors (if appropriate) that best suit your business needs and cut telecommunication costs. Furthermore, pascom solutions are designed to be both admin and user-friendly and therefore are as easy to install and manage as they are to use.

Thanks to pascom’s industry-leading Concurrent User (CU) licensing model, you will benefit from all of the above whilst also benefiting from 2 concurrent user licences, 5 channels, 5 endpoints and 5 web guests per CU. Compared with other licensing models such as the channel or simultaneous call models, with Concurrent User licensing, there are no licence limitations on inbound calls, meaning your customers will always be able to contact you which is obviously an essential element of delivering excellent customer service.

Get Your Free VoIP Phone System Today

In essence, pascom business phone systems deliver all the necessary communication and collaboration tools required to drive productivity and collaboration which coupled with open standards and hassle-free setup and management, will enable you to drastically reduce costs, enhance customer service and upgrade your business communications.

Get started today with our free edition, either on-premise or hosted free in the and experience first hand how we upgrade business communications.

Thousands of companies trust pascom to stay connected

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Philipp Meixner, CEO
As a communications agency with just under 20 employees, the pascom phone system is perfect for us. The technical concept simply functions, which is what you want. The service is exceptional and always accessible (even if it is rarely needed) and as one of the agency’s business partners, we can only recommend pascom: open, straightforward, pleasant to work with - great. Thank you pascom!

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Stephan Förderung, CEO
We chose pascom because their phone systems offer a sleek, easy-to-use UC client and administration UI whilst providing us with all the PBX and UC features, control and visibility that we could need from our business communications solution. As a result of our excellent experience, we are happy to recommend pascom phone systems to all our customers.

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Lars Hoeger, IT Director
When we make decisions regarding new systems, we want to make sure that we have both reins firmly in our hands. Therefore, it is essential to implement systems which adhere to OpenStandards, allowing us to seamlessly connect and integrate these into our existing systems. In addition, we require reliable suppliers, who are ready to customise their solutions to our requirements, which is why we chose pascom who offer exactly this service and more.

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Kassandra Martin, Deputy Director & Reception Manager
We chose pascom as our telephony solution in part due to the scalability, flexibility and ease of deployment. In addition, the pascom platform functions perfectly with our digital guest directories in our rooms whilst offering the largest range of features at easily the most cost effective price compared to alternative solutions. A further deciding factor was the wide choice of compatible hardware that choosing pascom afforded us.

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Wake & Camp Ruhlsdorf

Markus Gerlitzki, Managing Director
My team and I pride ourselves on the level of excellent care we provide our guests. However, it can be distracting when the phone is always ringing and we constantly answer the same questions. Thanks to the pascom phone system, we have been able to set up an automated attendant self-service hotline which allows guests to quickly get answers and if required callers can be quickly and efficiently routed to an employee. The system greatly improves customer service with around-the-clock answers around opening times and courses and therefore reduces the strain on employees, ensuring we are free to cater to the needs of our on-site guests.

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